JetSet Media FAQ

What is a digital display?

A digital sign is typically a high impact Plasma or LCD panel which is used as an in-store sign to present constantly changing, computer generated, full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text, and animation. It is a dynamic venue as opposed to static billboards and posters.

What is a Digital Display Ad Network?
A digital display ad network is a series of digital displays that are used to target advertising to a specific group of customers in similar environments. Digital display networks act as a closed circuit television channel that is directed to market to an ideal audience.

Who is JetSet Media’s target market?
The Ultra-Elite private air traveler. This unique market boasts as being the wealthiest single consumer demographic in the world with an astounding $10M in average net worth.

How do I become a JetSet Media Partner FBO?
Contact JetSet Media to learn more about becoming a JetSet Media FBO partner.

How do I advertise with JetSet Media?
Click Here for a detailed marketing package that outlines the JetSet Media advantage and the numerous advertising outlets available to your organization.

What are the benefits of advertising with JetSet Media?
JetSet Media’s Private Airport Network allows your marketing message to target the world’s most impressive consumer demographic using high impact digital media on large format eye-poping LCD monitors in the comfort of their favorite FBO facilities across the country.

Where are JetSet Media’s digital displays?
Our displays are positioned prominently in the terminal areas of the private airports or FBOs. These screens are actively being used by each individual FBO to inform their patrons about FBO news and other information. Additionally, these screens draw in viewers by displaying breaking news, local, regional, and national weather, flight tracker information, and other valuable content.

Does JetSet Media create our advertisement?
JetSet Media is very capable and would be happy to create a first-rate high-impact motion graphic, still image or other advertisement for your organization. Please inquire for more details.

How do I know how often my ad is being played?
JetSet Media will provide you with a detailed advertisement log that will outline the number of times your ad played as well as the time of day for each location that your ad is running.